About the Show

Ahlan Simsim follows the adventures of Basma and Jad, two best friends exploring their world. Each episode features familiar Muppet friends, animated characters, and trusted adults who help our characters learn how to identify and manage big feelings—with lots of fun, laughter, and learning along the way!

Meet the Characters


Salma is an active, funny and compassionate woman in her mid-20s who just moved to Ahlan Simsim. Originally from Egypt, Salma now teaches preschool and has a deep love for the arts and the environment. She is great at making crafts with upcycled and reused materials. Often found in her workshop, Salma is always wearing her glasses, colorful clothes and a big smile.


Jad is a creative, almost-6-year-old, yellow monster, who’s new to the neighborhood. He expresses himself through visual art and has the special skill of painting in mid-air using his grandfather’s paintbrush. Jad is a natural organizer—before he does anything, he likes to think it through and make a plan!


Basma is a gregarious, almost-6-year-old, purple monster, who loves new experiences. She’s a born performer and has a special ability to create music and sound effects, which comes in handy when she can’t quite find the words to express herself. When Jad arrived to the neighborhood, Basma welcomed him with open arms and they have been best friends ever since!


Ma’zooza is a sweet baby goat who loves Basma and Jad very much. She doesn’t speak yet, but “maaas” to express herself. Ma’zooza loves things that are round—when she locks her eyes on something round or circular, her ears perk up… and she’ll try to eat it!

Abu'l Fihem

Abu’l Fihem is the wise father figure of Ahlan Simsim, who observes the neighborhood from the mural wall and gives guidance to Basma and Jad. He has a thick mustache and a belly that inflates and deflates like a balloon—perfect for belly breathing!

Reesheh, Bulbul, and Hassoon

Reesheh is a young female bird who cares about others and loves to explore. She’s funny, playful, and sophisticated. Bulbul is the youngest of the birds. He often makes mistakes, but is always persistent and loves learning new things! Hassoon is a young male bird who loves to sing and play with his friends. He is friendly, thoughtful, and smart—and likes to look sharp.

The Dabke Dancers

The Dabke Dancers are a group of three hilarious characters who help Basma and Jad identify big feelings through song and dance.

Teta Noor

Teta Noor is a Syrian woman who lives on Ahlan Simsim with her son, Hadi. She has a passion for gardening and tutors children in academics, arts and crafts, and computers. Basma and Jad can always rely on her to help them find a solution to any problem.


Hadi is a sweet, silly, creative young man who lives on Ahlan Simsim with his mom. Hadi loves to cook and aspires to be a chef, but hasn’t quite mastered his recipes…. yet! He is a big brother figure to Basma and Jad and is there to lend a hand when they need help.


Kaki is a googly-eyed, furry, blue monster on a persistent quest for food… especially cookies! Kaki always shares his snacks with his friends and is there for them when they need him.


Elmo is a 3½-year-old, furry, red, monster with a cheerful voice and a contagious giggle. Enthusiastic, friendly, and curious, he loves to explore new things.


Gargur is a loveable blue monster who does everything with exuberance and determination. He loves to try new things and go on adventures—even when he takes a few wrong turns along the way!

Highlighted Resources

Your care and support can make a huge difference in the life of a young child. Ahlan Simsim offers variety of materials and activity ideas for young children ages 0-8 including videos, storybooks, flashcards, worksheets, and more. To browse our full resource library, please click here. For tools and resources specifically related to Covid-19, please click here.


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