Basma Sings with the Orchestra

narrative basma sings with the orchestra hero

Detailed Goal: Self-Esteem

Full Episode: Basma Sings with the Orchestra, Season 5
The friends join an orchestra with the conductor Kanfoush! Basma sings with Bana, a soloist with a great voice. The conductor asks Bana to sing a solo, but not Basma. Basma feels disappointed, but Hadi reminds her how special her voice is and helps her remember her other abilities. As Basma learns to appreciate her unique abilities, the conductor asks her to sing a solo that’s perfect for her unique voice. Later, Basma and Elmo play "Guess the Answer" hosted by Aref, where they learn a new letter and unlock a fun surprise! Then, the Big Feelings Explorers help Zoe overcome her feeling of jealousy. 

Narrative with Animations: Basma Sings with the Orchestra, Season 5
Basma, Jad, Hadi and Gargur participate in an orchestra with the conductor Kanfoush. Basma chooses to join the choir with another Muppet named Bana, who has a unique voice. The orchestra leader loves Bana's operatic voice and asks her to sing solo. Basma is disappointed that he did not give her the opportunity to sing solo too. She assumes that Kanfoush did not like her voice. Hadi reminds Basma how special her voice is. 

Mural Wall Animations: Basma Sings with the Orchestra, Season 5
The birds are bowling! When it's Bulbul's turn, he can't knock any of the pins down and starts to talk negatively to himself. Abu'l Fihem encourages Bulbul to speak kindly to himself and reminds him that he has his own special way of playing the game. 

Dabke Dancers Animations: The Orchestra, Season 5
The Dabkes observe what's going on and help identify that Basma should remember to be kind to herself and remember her strengths. 

Strategy Songs: The Orchestra, Season 5
Hadi and his friends sing a song to help Basma remember the importance of remembering your strengths and talents and being kind to yourself.