Caring for Each Other

Back to School with Elmo_Caring for Each Other hero

Detailed Goal: Taking care of oneself and each other

Short form: Back to School with Elmo (Caring for Each Other) - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Elmo’s getting ready for back to school with his daddy! School may look a little different this year, but we can all stay healthy and keep learning.

Short form: Elmo’s Virtual Hug (Caring for Each Other) - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
A message from our friend Elmo.

Short form: Healthy Habits with Gargur (Grover) (Caring for Each Other) - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Everyone’s favorite “expert” Gargur (Grover) is here with some ways to stay healthy!

Short form: Elmo’s bedtime routine (Caring for Each Other) - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Elmo is getting ready for bed by going through his bedtime routine. Part of Elmo's bedtime routine is singing a lullaby with this daddy. You can start your own bedtime routine by helping Elmo practice singing his lullaby Rock-a-bye Baby! Sweet Dreams!

Short form: Elmo’s Morning Routine (Caring for Each Other) - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Good morning and welcome to Elmo's morning routine! Keeping a daily routine is very important. Start your day with Elmo and discover how you can make a daily morning routine too!

Short form: A Moment to Yourself (Caring for Each Other) - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
To all the parents out there: you are doing an amazing job! But remember to take a moment for yourself, to breath, stretch, whatever you need to keep being your best self. Hang in there and keep up the great work!

Short form: Louie Talks Routines (Caring for Each Other) - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
It can be hard juggling childcare while working from home. Louie is here to remind you that it's okay if a routine runs awry every once in a while. Children are resilient and so are you!

Short form: How to Self-Hug with Abby Cadabby (Caring for Each Other) - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Whether you're having big feelings, little feelings, or anything in between, you can just give yourself a hug! Learn how you can self-hug with Abby Cadabby.

Short form: Gargur (Grover) Shows Near and Far from Home! (Caring for Each Other) - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Even though you may be inside your cute and furry friend Gargur (Grover) still wants to play together! Gargur (Grover) shows near and far from him comfy cozy home on Sesame Street!

Short form: Play Freeze Dance (Caring for Each Other) - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
It's time to get up and move with Abby Cadabby. Follow Abby and freeze when the music stops.