PSA Wear a Mask hero

Detailed Goal: Taking care of oneself and each other

PSA: Wear a Mask - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Jad teaches us and Elmo why it is important to wear a mask. He also teaches us a game we can play while wearing masks!

PSA: Mask disposal and care - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Wearing masks is important, but so is disposing of them in the right way. Learn how with Basma, Ma'zooza and Salma.

PSA: Caring and protecting older people - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Salma shows our friends how to social distance and reminds us that it's important to stay safe to protect ourselves and older people!

PSA: Healthy daily routine Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Elmo walks Basma though his daily routine which keeps him happy and healthy! Salma helps him go through his checklist to make sure they crossed everything off.