Gargur’s Speech

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Detailed Goal: Encouragement 

Full Episode: Gargur’s Speech, Season 5
When Basma gets a new hairstyle at the salon, she is disappointed that her new hairdo is not what she had imagined. She tries to change how she feels so that she can play with her friends. Salma tells Basma that it is normal to feel disappointed, and that allowing herself to feel this way will help her feel better. Bulbul also feels disappointed when his costume doesn't look the way he planned. Later, Salma and Elmo play "Guess the Answer" hosted by Aref, where they learn a new letter and unlock a fun surprise! Then, Basma and Jad have fun making animal sounds with their friends in the neighborhood! 

Narrative with Animations: Gargur’s Speech, Season 5 
Jad, Basma, and Gargur have created their own DIY garden decorations for Teta Noor. Not only has Gargur crafted a scarecrow, but he also prepared a speech for Teta Noor. After receiving her gifts, Teta Noor leaves before Gargur has the chance to give his speech. Gargur gets upset and Basma and Jad try to cheer him up. Salma shows Basma and Jad that they can show kindness to Gargur by reminding him what makes him special and unique. 

Mural Wall Animations: Gargur’s Speech, Season 5 
Bulbul and Reesheh are flying and doing cool tricks! When Hassoon can't fly in loops like they can, he feels disappointed. Abu'l Fihem shows Bulbul and Reesheh how they can encourage their friend and remind them of how he is special. 

Dabke Dancers Animations: Gargur’s DIY Surprise, Season 5  
The Dabkes observe what's going on and help identify that Basma and Jad should show kindness to Gargur by reminding him of his strengths. 

Strategy Song: Gargur’s Speech, Season 5  
Salma sings a song about the importance of remembering what makes you unique.