I Heart Elmo

I Heart Elmo is Angry Hero

Detailed Goal: Managing Sadness

Short form: Elmo is Sad (I Heart Elmo) - Arabic (Levantine), Arabic (Iraqi), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Elmo is missing his mother who is not home. Father and Elmo then does a little routine that he usually does with mother to try and comfort himself. Elmo almost falls asleep but gets up immediately as father exits the room. Father comes back and asks Elmo to think of all the things he likes, just like father does when he gets upset. Elmo does so and happily go to sleep.

Detailed Goal: Self-regulation

Short form: The Painting Day (I Heart Elmo) - Arabic (Levantine), Arabic (Iraqi), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Elmo is excited to go for a painting day tour with his father and tells Muna about it. However his plan is cancelled at the last moment when a rainstorm comes outside. Father helps Elmo calm down with some deep breathing exercises and then helps him label the emotion. Father suggests that instead of going out, Elmo could paint at home.

Short form: Elmo Resists (I Heart Elmo) - Arabic (Levantine), Arabic (Iraqi), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Elmo has trouble waiting patiently for his painting to dry so that he can hang it on the wall. His mother recommends that he focus on other things he enjoys. First he tries counting, and then he and his mother sing a song about waiting.