Imagination Box: Variety Show


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Imagination Box: Variety Show Hero

Ask your child the following questions before and after viewing:

1) (Before viewing) What do you think this video will be about?
2) (After viewing) Can you tell me what happened in the video?
3) (After viewing) How did this video make you feel?

Topic: Emotions Detailed Goal: Frustration Audience: Children 3-8

Hadi welcomes everyone to the show, while Elmo recaps Basma and Jad’s experience with frustration. Gargur interviews children in their neighborhoods about frustration and then explains how to say frustration in sign language. Hadi welcomes special guest Jwan and celebrity guest Wissam, who share their experiences with frustration and play a game together. Hadi wraps up the show by singing a song with Wissam.