Jad Learns to Forgive

Full episode, Jad learns to Forgive hero

Detailed Goal: Forgiveness 

Full Episode: Jad Learns to Forgive, Season 5
Everyone is helping Sabah prepare mouneh! As Jad is organizing Sabah's shelves, Ma'zooza gets excited about the round balls of Labneh and accidentally causes Jad to drop a jar of jam. Jad gets upset, but the help of his friends, he learns that accidents happen and how to show kindness by learning to forgive. Later, Basma and Jad play "Guess the Answer" hosted by Aref, where they learn a new letter and unlock a fun surprise!  Then, Salma demonstrates how to make a DIY car by folding paper! 

Narrative with Animations: Jad Learns to Forgive, Season 5
Hadi is with Basma, Jad, Ma'zooza and Teta Noor at Sabah's house in the village. They are helping Sabah with her Mouneh, putting them in different jars and adding them to the shelves. Sabah puts Jad in charge of organizing the jars on the shelf whenever someone is done filling them. Jad is really proud for taking on this responsibility, he organizes food by type. Ma'zooza notices the round balls of Labneh in one of the jars and as she rushes to see them up-close, the jar falls down from Jad's hands on the floor and breaks. Jad gets upset and must learn to forgive. 

Mural Wall Animations: Jad Learns to Forgive, Season 5
Abu'l Fihem and the birds are collecting grape leaves to make delicious dolma! Hassoon feels frustrated when grapes fall into his basket of leaves and his friends do not notice. Abu'l Fihem explains to Hassoon that the grapes falling from the vines was not intentional, and Hassoon forgives his friends. 

Dabke Dancers Animations: El Mouneh, Season 5
The Dabkes observe what's going on and help identify that Jad should show kindness to Ma'zooza by forgiving her.