Ma’zooza in the Dinosaur’s World

Full episode, Ma'zooza in the dinasour world hero

Detailed Goal: Comfort and Space

Full Episode: Ma’zooza in the Dinosaur’s World, Season 5
When Hadi reads a book about dinosaurs, everyone uses their imaginations to transport to the past! Ma'zooza gets scared and keeps stalling her friends from meeting the dinosaurs. Basma and Jad don’t realize at first that Ma’zooza is experiencing fear, but soon they learn to listen to her and how to show kindness as their friend is having a big feeling. Bulbul also feels nervous when he goes swimming with his friends. Later, the Big Feelings Explorers help Gargur overcome his feeling of nervousness by showing him how to "Talk, Talk, Talk It to Yourself"! 

Narrative with Animations: Ma’zooza in the Dinosaurs World, Season 5
Hadi is reading a book about dinosaurs to the Muppets, when they are transported to the past where there are dinosaurs! Gargur is the guide, and everyone is enjoying their time learning facts about this prehistoric world. Ma'zooza, however, gets scared from the dinosaurs when she sees them, and she keeps stalling her friends. Her friends don’t understand what’s happening at first, but as they realize she’s experiencing fear, they don't know how to handle it and then they learn how to be kind to her as she’s having that big feeling. 

Mural Wall Animations: Ma’zooza in the Dinosaurs World, Season 5
Hassoon and Reesheh are playing in a pool, but Bulbul feels afraid to swim without his floaties. Reesheh and Hassoon show kindness to Bulbul by letting him know that they are there for him. Hassoon lets Bulbul use his old floaties and the friends swim together!