Memory and Pattern Games

Finding patterns hero

Detailed Goal: Positive Parent-child Interactions through Play

Short form: Finding Patterns – Basma and Jad’s Patterns Game - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)

Short form: Basma Plays the Memory Game with Salma (Name things in your environment) - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Basma and Salma play a fun memory game in the kitchen. Can you remember 5 things Salma has on the shelves?

Short form: Patterns Game with Basma and Jad (Finding patterns game) - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Basma and Jad learn about patterns while making fun flower arrangements with Salma. Look around, what patterns can you find around you?

Short form: Salma teaches patterns through meal preparation (Finding patterns game) - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Salma teaches Basma, Jad and Ma'zooza how to make patterns while packing lunchboxes for their picnic! But wait...where is the missing orange?

Short form: Basma and Jad’s colorful patterns game (Finding patterns game) - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Basma and Jad learn fill in their coloring book with fun patterns of circles.

Detailed Goal: Positive Discipline

Short form: Salma Keeps Control - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Ma'zooza, Elmo and Jad are having fun playing games! But Salma needs some quiet to focus on her work, so together they find quiet ways to have fun.