Seeking Care

How to Self-Hug with Basma hero

Detailed Goal: Taking care of oneself and each other

Short form: How to Self-Hug with Basma (Seeking care) - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
If you are alone and feeling big feelings, here is how to give yourself a BIG hug!

Short form: Dr. Saeed’s visit to Basma (Seeking care) - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Basma isn’t feeling well, so Dr. Saeed comes for a visit. Dr. Saeed makes sure Basma know how to stay safe while getting better and Salma has a whole list of fun activities, while they stay at home to keep themselves and others safe.

Short Form: Dance Party with Basma (Seeking Care) - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Basma and Jad enjoy having a virtual dance party! Watch them show off their moves as they play many fun games!