The Power of Soap Sheet

The Power of Soap thumb

Detailed Goal: Understanding Germs/Virus

Activity Sheet: The Power of Soap Sheet
A germ simulation activity that can be conducted with items that are typically available in homes: black pepper, shampoo, or soap (liquid or bar), and water. The aim of this worksheet is to show how powerful washing your hands with soap is in an interactive way. This sheet is meant to reinforce and extend the learning of the messaging included in the scavenger hunt videos. Adult support is encouraged for younger children to explain the directions of the activity. A black and white version is included for ease of printing with minimal ink usage.

Activity Books
Activity books for KG1,KG2, and KG3 that include activity sheets that cover a range of topics (all about me, animals, weather, etc.). These worksheets can be used with your child both at home and by teachers in schools and learning centers. Each page has a set of instructions to guide adults in helping children complete the activities.