Wash Up!

Safe Water (Wash Up!) hero

Detailed Goal: Dental care

Short form: It's Not How You Brush, It's That You Brush (WASH Up!)
Elmo and Raya always brush their teeth after they eat – but can’t decide if they should start on their bottom or top teeth. But they decide it doesn’t matter where they start, but that brushing their teeth is most important!

Detailed Goal: Clean water

PSA: Safe Water (Wash Up!), Year 1 - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Bandini)
Raya and Elmo share why it's essential to drink clean, filtered water. Raya is really thirsty and has misplaced her water bottle... until Elmo finds it in her bookbag!

Detailed Goal: Health promotion

Short form: Water Champion (Wash Up!) - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Badini)
A young girl earns an achievement at school and has become a water champion. She shares this with her family and, using a checklist, shows them how they, too, can become water champions.

Detailed Goal: Health promotion

Short form: Water Teachers/Champions (Wash Up!) - Arabic (Levantine), Kurdish (Badini)
Raya and Elmo learned about clean, safe water from their teacher – and told everyone they know! The more people know about clean water, the safer we’ll be.